Makeupless and the beginning of our BULLY MISSION!

One week and counting makeup free! Last selfie without makeup… I promise! Or, errrr… at least I think I promise. For right now, I promise!

No new changes other than another after teenage years pimple. I refuse to call myself “old,” so you won’t hear me say, “Old age pimple.” To me, I appear tired and maybe that’s because I am. I still feel the same as I did a week ago and I still don’t care what people want to say. Someone did ask if I was going to continue on with my mission and thought others might think I’m being “noble.” Whatever! I’m doing it for inspiration and to help others love themselves within without feeling the need to cover up. Love you for your inner self and your outer shell will glow!

On another note, I’ve been wanting to do a segment on bullying. I started asking kids about their experiences with being bullied. I knew what I was getting into. What I didn’t expect was how I felt for others children who have gone through very similar situations as my son and/or my very own. On top of the emotions I was feeling for the children, I was also feeling empathetic with their parents because I’ve been on that side too!

For a little over a month, I’ve felt as if maybe I didn’t give the principle or school a “chance” to make things right. I felt a bit sad because the principle really didn’t know what was going on. His staff and teachers tried dealing with everything on their own and made it clear the principle “wasn’t available.” I have since sat down twice with my son’s old principle and confirmed the school failed in many ways. Although he didn’t feel he was given the chance to make things right, I do feel the staff fell short and should’ve informed him. After all, our bullying situation was over a course of 5 1/2 years!

Last night, I was reading through stories from parents (some given to them by their children) and my feelings regarding how I handled our situation and not pushing for the principle or superintendent were confirmed. Though they were not the same school(s) my son were in, the schools fell short with helping our children and  making them feel “safe.”

By gathering more stories and information, I hope I am able to develop and create a sense of “not being alone,” in the situation of being bullied. Maybe through stories, you’ll be able to see what has and hasn’t worked for other parent’s which could help within the future of your child. Maybe we can come together as parents and help one another fight against bullying!

If you have a story you’d like to share, please comment below and I’ll forward you my personal e-mail.

Exhausted Eyes or Experience?

Four days without makeup (minus my 3 cheating hours yesterday) and I don’t feel any different. What I see the most is how tired I look. It doesn’t matter what angle the camera is, my eye look droopy and exhausted. I’m guessing this is the real me and makeup has been covering it up all along. After years of the same routine covering up all flaws, I guess I never examined myself.

These exhausted eyes work 24/7 at my job! They are a 24/7 parent and they have seen many things that have helped me move forward in life. Maybe not the most pleasant young looking eyes, but that’s alright because I’m me! My exhausted eyes do not dictate how my heart feels or how I treat people!

I will still move forward within a positive light  and spread positive words as I go through my day(s). If someone can’t see past my appearance for all my experience, then they can move on.

Why I cheated on day 3

Day 3 with our no makeup madness week! My freckles are quite blotchy today and I “look” very tired (I selected my least tired picture)!

Yesterday (Tuesday), co-workers were very supportive and mentioned I was joining the “Alicia Keys Act.” I wasn’t sure what they meant by the comment, so I googled to figure out why Alicia Keys had made an impact outside of her musical talents. If you’re not aware, turns out she just stopped wearing makeup because she didn’t feel like she was herself and she was covering up the true Alicia Keys. Her music and persona were being affected. By coincidence, she used the brand Maybelline as well. This is what makeup does! It covers you! “Cover Girl,” it’s in the name!

Within my online search, I found another article how Hillary Clinton (after losing the election) appeared at a large event without makeup. Sure, I could see her fine lines and age, but truthfully, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she is. I guess I expected an old rundown woman! I mean… she went through a beating and came out with an amazingly beautiful glow. As women, regardless of age, weight, color, religion, etc. We should support each other more than we do! We are all beautiful!

Ok! Ok! Here’s the deal! I cheated after 3 days! I came to work without makeup and felt amazing. Although I wasn’t please with any of day 3’s makeupless selfies, I still rocked on with my bad self. Yesterday, my son had a basketball game and before I exited my home, I glanced in the mirror and realized how tired I still looked. After 30 seconds of contemplating (I was in a rush), I decided to cheat and not for me… but my son!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know, I promised to join our makeupless week and it was really my idea! Now hear me out… I haven’t seen or spoke to my son in over a week. He’s been worried about me and at times, he’s mentioned I look very tired  when I don’t have makeup on. The very last thing I want my son to do is worry about me when I’m there to support his basketball game and when nothing is wrong. Forget about the parents and what they’d say… I wan’t my son to see me as glowing because inside I feel that way and I don’t want to give false impressions. Weird! Right? For once, I was wearing my makeup for a truthful reason! If that even makes sense? Next time he comes home for the weekend, I will invest my time to explain the differences of makeup. This way, he will know his mother is A- OK!

One step at a time my friends. Love you and your family. Look at who you are within yourself before you judge others.

Makeupless and Blondes vs. Brunettes

Well, here I am… day 2 without makeup to help support my co-worker with our no makeup movement. She’s not in the office again due to a sick child, but we’re still rockin’ on with our makeupless selves. In fact, I’ve brought on board another co-worker for support.

Blending my freckles has always been important to me as well as making sure you could tell I have eyelashes, but today and for the week(s) to come, I’m rollin’ all nat-u-ral! I’m looking to make a point of how most people don’t notice or even care if you wear makeup or not.
Yesterday, I listened to see what people would say on their own. To my surprise, I received two comments/remarks. One from a woman in her 50’s. She said, “You look like a baby without makeup! 15! 16 max!” The second was from a gentleman in his late 40’s, maybe 50ish who said, “You look different today. Not sure why, but you look cute.” With makeup, I’d hear the words, “beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, etc.”
In my case, going makeupless gives the appearance of being younger. Younger is good, but younger doesn’t necessarily mean you’re taken seriously. As a blonde, being taken seriously isn’t an everyday standard. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “blondes have more fun.” It might be true for some blondes, but it also has created a blind stigma of how blondes are seen.
Studies have been done regarding blondes vs brunettes. A few years back, I was struggling to find a job. I read every article I could find to help advance and find a job quickly. During my search, I came across a video with a blonde and brunette searching for jobs with the same background. Ultimately, the brunette was hired because she was “taken more seriously and seemed to really want the position.” Upon more research, I noted people appear to be smarter when they wear glasses. No way!… Right?!
With my new finding and a day full of interviews, I purchased glasses (fake of course), dyed my hair darker and took the day head on! Unfortunately, I could not re-interview with the same companies under another name to see what would happen. Almost immediately, I realized the difference! Even the receptionist took me seriously and didn’t say much. While being blonde, I guess I looked friendlier. Conversations would be brought up by strangers on the train. Definitely not the case as a brunette.
What can I say? Looks do matter! I don’t think society will change. What matters the most is how you feel inside. Regardless if you’re brunette or blonde, makeup or not, thin or overweight… your heart remains the same. You can’t change the color of your blood.

You can only be the best you that you set out for!

Makeupless Movement Day 1

To help with a co-workers insecurities and possibly others within the real world, I’ve decided to go makeupless. Ironically, she’s not here today, but we’re going to start out week at a time. My thoughts this morning and now are natural blondes look almost dead or dying when they don’t wear makeup! We lack visible eye lashes, eyebrows (although I’m good in this department), and if you have freckles (like little miss me), then you can appear blotchy. Lets not forget our skin is sooo pale, we can also see dark circles from lack of sleep and any blood flowing purple veins. All aside from my adult pimples I’ve chosen to wear proudly.

I’m currently looking at myself in the mirror, knowing I behold beauty and yet I can see every imperfection and understand why women (and some men) wear makeup. Why aren’t we happy with ourselves without makeup? Is it the stars on TV? Is it because we can watch Maybelline commercials and watch our fine lines and self image disappear? Is it because we’re not asked daily if we’re tired or ill and can move on without explanation? Is it because we’ve been told we’re pretty/handsome only on the days we wear makeup?!

Who ever you are! BE YOU and LOVE YOU at your fullest. We are what our heart beholds! Not the makeup on our faces. <3 Something to remember: We are our own worst critic.

Edit: Makeupless Movement started Monday, Jan. 23rd, 2017. Exact posting date’s may not be accurate.

Love You Beyond Your Insecurites

Stop worrying what others think!
We all have some sort of insecurity, but we need to grow from it to be healthy. A co-worker refuses not to wear makeup because of her pimples. Of course, this creates a vicious circle of unhealthy skin. She says, “People are going to look at all of this (as she uses her hand to circle her face). WHY are we so worried about others when WE need to take care of ourselves?!

I have an insecurity about my thighs (and weight). Why? Because in 8th grade, a kid by the name of Steven Dow, said I had “thunder thighs!” I sure wish my thighs looked like 8th grade now! Shortly thereafter, I wore long dresses and anything to cover my “thunder thighs.” Even in middle of Sacramento summer heat, I attempted to cover my thighs. I avoided shorts at all cost and went with capris because they had the most coverage. I have a passion for water sports and wake boarding. I had to learn to wear a swim suit so I could enjoy being on a boat and do all the sports I adore. I had to learn to ignore my greatest insecurity. Always reaching for my towel or anything I could to cover when I came back on board. 8th grade people!!! I’m creeping on 40 and his words are crystal clear in my mind! Words hurt and can create life long internal scars for all!

People! Stop hating on one another! Stop bullying! Parents, teach your children the affect words have on someone. Women, learn to love yourself with or without makeup! Learn to love you regardless if you have “thunder thighs,” are “stick thin” or may have acne problems. Learn to empower yourself through your insecurities! Learn to love the gym for you and stop caring who’s looking because they should be more concerned about themselves and their own insecurities… not you!


I used to write a lot

I used to write and post daily. I still write quite a bit, but haven’t posted in at least 6+ years. I didn’t stop writing on purpose. I moved to another state, got a job requiring funky hours (midnight – 8 am), was/AM a full time parent without family or support and pretty much left my writing by the waste side.

Over the years, I’ve considered posting. I’ve had many ask why I stopped and/or why I haven’t written a book as of yet. I was busy, and I didn’t know where to start. As far as writing a book… I have no idea how I’d go about it. There are many event’s within my life, it would quite possibly be a series! Thinking about my life in a nutshell is a hard concept to grasp with many twists and turns! Maybe one day! Or maybe my blogs will blossom into my first and last chapters.

The past month, I’ve considered starting a new blog. Considered naming it, “” The domain is still open! So why not? Well, I didn’t want to be stuck with one subject and SunkistsSecret used to have a large following, so just maybe I can bring a few of those followers back!

I didn’t want to come back on day one without words… so here I am! And WELCOME BACK to my old readers who are back too!

What should you expect from future posts? Well, I gave you a little hint!

Parenting! Because parenting IS easy! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ok… not really! But it made you laugh and grabbed your attention! I love reading my friends facebook posts when they call their kids names. We don’t all say it, but we sure think it! Parenting is a challenge for all! If you’re a parent and haven’t been challenged yet, then something is wrong! Seriously wrong! Give it time… their colors (or yours) will show through.

Family! Everyone has someone! If you don’t, then come see me! Family doesn’t have to consist of blood or adoption. Family can be your best friend, neighbor or a stranger who you met in your local grocery store! Family are your pets and the people you love.

Dating!  I haven’t dated for quite some time. I’m sure I can come up with some more juicy stories from the past.

Bullying! Apparently, “sticks and stones,” got lost somewhere. Maybe it was lost within the transition of social media and lack of parenting/co-parenting skills. Or maybe parent’s are teaching their children to be little jerks!

And so much more! I’m back, I’m still busy as hell and I will do my best to keep this post updated! I’ve been paying for this domain for at least 10 years so let’s get some use out of it! Oh… and bear with me because I’m not a web designer and I need to figure out how to use the site.

Love you guys! Talk to ya soon!

Another day… Another thought…