Exhausted Eyes or Experience?

Four days without makeup (minus my 3 cheating hours yesterday) and I don’t feel any different. What I see the most is how tired I look. It doesn’t matter what angle the camera is, my eye look droopy and exhausted. I’m guessing this is the real me and makeup has been covering it up all along. After years of the same routine covering up all flaws, I guess I never examined myself.

These exhausted eyes work 24/7 at my job! They are a 24/7 parent and they have seen many things that have helped me move forward in life. Maybe not the most pleasant young looking eyes, but that’s alright because I’m me! My exhausted eyes do not dictate how my heart feels or how I treat people!

I will still move forward within a positive light  and spread positive words as I go through my day(s). If someone can’t see past my appearance for all my experience, then they can move on.

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