I used to write a lot

I used to write and post daily. I still write quite a bit, but haven’t posted in at least 6+ years. I didn’t stop writing on purpose. I moved to another state, got a job requiring funky hours (midnight – 8 am), was/AM a full time parent without family or support and pretty much left my writing by the waste side.

Over the years, I’ve considered posting. I’ve had many ask why I stopped and/or why I haven’t written a book as of yet. I was busy, and I didn’t know where to start. As far as writing a book… I have no idea how I’d go about it. There are many event’s within my life, it would quite possibly be a series! Thinking about my life in a nutshell is a hard concept to grasp with many twists and turns! Maybe one day! Or maybe my blogs will blossom into my first and last chapters.

The past month, I’ve considered starting a new blog. Considered naming it, “Parentingiseasy.net.” The domain is still open! So why not? Well, I didn’t want to be stuck with one subject and SunkistsSecret used to have a large following, so just maybe I can bring a few of those followers back!

I didn’t want to come back on day one without words… so here I am! And WELCOME BACK to my old readers who are back too!

What should you expect from future posts? Well, I gave you a little hint!

Parenting! Because parenting IS easy! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ok… not really! But it made you laugh and grabbed your attention! I love reading my friends facebook posts when they call their kids names. We don’t all say it, but we sure think it! Parenting is a challenge for all! If you’re a parent and haven’t been challenged yet, then something is wrong! Seriously wrong! Give it time… their colors (or yours) will show through.

Family! Everyone has someone! If you don’t, then come see me! Family doesn’t have to consist of blood or adoption. Family can be your best friend, neighbor or a stranger who you met in your local grocery store! Family are your pets and the people you love.

Dating!  I haven’t dated for quite some time. I’m sure I can come up with some more juicy stories from the past.

Bullying! Apparently, “sticks and stones,” got lost somewhere. Maybe it was lost within the transition of social media and lack of parenting/co-parenting skills. Or maybe parent’s are teaching their children to be little jerks!

And so much more! I’m back, I’m still busy as hell and I will do my best to keep this post updated! I’ve been paying for this domain for at least 10 years so let’s get some use out of it! Oh… and bear with me because I’m not a web designer and I need to figure out how to use the site.

Love you guys! Talk to ya soon!

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