Love You Beyond Your Insecurites

Stop worrying what others think!
We all have some sort of insecurity, but we need to grow from it to be healthy. A co-worker refuses not to wear makeup because of her pimples. Of course, this creates a vicious circle of unhealthy skin. She says, “People are going to look at all of this (as she uses her hand to circle her face). WHY are we so worried about others when WE need to take care of ourselves?!

I have an insecurity about my thighs (and weight). Why? Because in 8th grade, a kid by the name of Steven Dow, said I had “thunder thighs!” I sure wish my thighs looked like 8th grade now! Shortly thereafter, I wore long dresses and anything to cover my “thunder thighs.” Even in middle of Sacramento summer heat, I attempted to cover my thighs. I avoided shorts at all cost and went with capris because they had the most coverage. I have a passion for water sports and wake boarding. I had to learn to wear a swim suit so I could enjoy being on a boat and do all the sports I adore. I had to learn to ignore my greatest insecurity. Always reaching for my towel or anything I could to cover when I came back on board. 8th grade people!!! I’m creeping on 40 and his words are crystal clear in my mind! Words hurt and can create life long internal scars for all!

People! Stop hating on one another! Stop bullying! Parents, teach your children the affect words have on someone. Women, learn to love yourself with or without makeup! Learn to love you regardless if you have “thunder thighs,” are “stick thin” or may have acne problems. Learn to empower yourself through your insecurities! Learn to love the gym for you and stop caring who’s looking because they should be more concerned about themselves and their own insecurities… not you!


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