Makeupless and Blondes vs. Brunettes

Well, here I am… day 2 without makeup to help support my co-worker with our no makeup movement. She’s not in the office again due to a sick child, but we’re still rockin’ on with our makeupless selves. In fact, I’ve brought on board another co-worker for support.

Blending my freckles has always been important to me as well as making sure you could tell I have eyelashes, but today and for the week(s) to come, I’m rollin’ all nat-u-ral! I’m looking to make a point of how most people don’t notice or even care if you wear makeup or not.
Yesterday, I listened to see what people would say on their own. To my surprise, I received two comments/remarks. One from a woman in her 50’s. She said, “You look like a baby without makeup! 15! 16 max!” The second was from a gentleman in his late 40’s, maybe 50ish who said, “You look different today. Not sure why, but you look cute.” With makeup, I’d hear the words, “beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, etc.”
In my case, going makeupless gives the appearance of being younger. Younger is good, but younger doesn’t necessarily mean you’re taken seriously. As a blonde, being taken seriously isn’t an everyday standard. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “blondes have more fun.” It might be true for some blondes, but it also has created a blind stigma of how blondes are seen.
Studies have been done regarding blondes vs brunettes. A few years back, I was struggling to find a job. I read every article I could find to help advance and find a job quickly. During my search, I came across a video with a blonde and brunette searching for jobs with the same background. Ultimately, the brunette was hired because she was “taken more seriously and seemed to really want the position.” Upon more research, I noted people appear to be smarter when they wear glasses. No way!… Right?!
With my new finding and a day full of interviews, I purchased glasses (fake of course), dyed my hair darker and took the day head on! Unfortunately, I could not re-interview with the same companies under another name to see what would happen. Almost immediately, I realized the difference! Even the receptionist took me seriously and didn’t say much. While being blonde, I guess I looked friendlier. Conversations would be brought up by strangers on the train. Definitely not the case as a brunette.
What can I say? Looks do matter! I don’t think society will change. What matters the most is how you feel inside. Regardless if you’re brunette or blonde, makeup or not, thin or overweight… your heart remains the same. You can’t change the color of your blood.

You can only be the best you that you set out for!

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