Makeupless and the beginning of our BULLY MISSION!

One week and counting makeup free! Last selfie without makeup… I promise! Or, errrr… at least I think I promise. For right now, I promise!

No new changes other than another after teenage years pimple. I refuse to call myself “old,” so you won’t hear me say, “Old age pimple.” To me, I appear tired and maybe that’s because I am. I still feel the same as I did a week ago and I still don’t care what people want to say. Someone did ask if I was going to continue on with my mission and thought others might think I’m being “noble.” Whatever! I’m doing it for inspiration and to help others love themselves within without feeling the need to cover up. Love you for your inner self and your outer shell will glow!

On another note, I’ve been wanting to do a segment on bullying. I started asking kids about their experiences with being bullied. I knew what I was getting into. What I didn’t expect was how I felt for others children who have gone through very similar situations as my son and/or my very own. On top of the emotions I was feeling for the children, I was also feeling empathetic with their parents because I’ve been on that side too!

For a little over a month, I’ve felt as if maybe I didn’t give the principle or school a “chance” to make things right. I felt a bit sad because the principle really didn’t know what was going on. His staff and teachers tried dealing with everything on their own and made it clear the principle “wasn’t available.” I have since sat down twice with my son’s old principle and confirmed the school failed in many ways. Although he didn’t feel he was given the chance to make things right, I do feel the staff fell short and should’ve informed him. After all, our bullying situation was over a course of 5 1/2 years!

Last night, I was reading through stories from parents (some given to them by their children) and my feelings regarding how I handled our situation and not pushing for the principle or superintendent were confirmed. Though they were not the same school(s) my son were in, the schools fell short with helping our children and ┬ámaking them feel “safe.”

By gathering more stories and information, I hope I am able to develop and create a sense of “not being alone,” in┬áthe situation of being bullied. Maybe through stories, you’ll be able to see what has and hasn’t worked for other parent’s which could help within the future of your child. Maybe we can come together as parents and help one another fight against bullying!

If you have a story you’d like to share, please comment below and I’ll forward you my personal e-mail.

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