Makeupless Movement Day 1

To help with a co-workers insecurities and possibly others within the real world, I’ve decided to go makeupless. Ironically, she’s not here today, but we’re going to start out week at a time. My thoughts this morning and now are natural blondes look almost dead or dying when they don’t wear makeup! We lack visible eye lashes, eyebrows (although I’m good in this department), and if you have freckles (like little miss me), then you can appear blotchy. Lets not forget our skin is sooo pale, we can also see dark circles from lack of sleep and any blood flowing purple veins. All aside from my adult pimples I’ve chosen to wear proudly.

I’m currently looking at myself in the mirror, knowing I behold beauty and yet I can see every imperfection and understand why women (and some men) wear makeup. Why aren’t we happy with ourselves without makeup? Is it the stars on TV? Is it because we can watch Maybelline commercials and watch our fine lines and self image disappear? Is it because we’re not asked daily if we’re tired or ill and can move on without explanation? Is it because we’ve been told we’re pretty/handsome only on the days we wear makeup?!

Who ever you are! BE YOU and LOVE YOU at your fullest. We are what our heart beholds! Not the makeup on our faces. <3 Something to remember: We are our own worst critic.

Edit: Makeupless Movement started Monday, Jan. 23rd, 2017. Exact posting date’s may not be accurate.

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