Why I cheated on day 3

Day 3 with our no makeup madness week! My freckles are quite blotchy today and I “look” very tired (I selected my least tired picture)!

Yesterday (Tuesday), co-workers were very supportive and mentioned I was joining the “Alicia Keys Act.” I wasn’t sure what they meant by the comment, so I googled to figure out why Alicia Keys had made an impact outside of her musical talents. If you’re not aware, turns out she just stopped wearing makeup because she didn’t feel like she was herself and she was covering up the true Alicia Keys. Her music and persona were being affected. By coincidence, she used the brand Maybelline as well. This is what makeup does! It covers you! “Cover Girl,” it’s in the name!

Within my online search, I found another article how Hillary Clinton (after losing the election) appeared at a large event without makeup. Sure, I could see her fine lines and age, but truthfully, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she is. I guess I expected an old rundown woman! I mean… she went through a beating and came out with an amazingly beautiful glow. As women, regardless of age, weight, color, religion, etc. We should support each other more than we do! We are all beautiful!

Ok! Ok! Here’s the deal! I cheated after 3 days! I came to work without makeup and felt amazing. Although I wasn’t please with any of day 3’s makeupless selfies, I still rocked on with my bad self. Yesterday, my son had a basketball game and before I exited my home, I glanced in the mirror and realized how tired I still looked. After 30 seconds of contemplating (I was in a rush), I decided to cheat and not for me… but my son!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know, I promised to join our makeupless week and it was really my idea! Now hear me out… I haven’t seen or spoke to my son in over a week. He’s been worried about me and at times, he’s mentioned I look very tired ¬†when I don’t have makeup on. The very last thing I want my son to do is worry about me when I’m there to support his basketball game and when nothing is wrong. Forget about the parents and what they’d say… I wan’t my son to see me as glowing because inside I feel that way and I don’t want to give false impressions. Weird! Right? For once, I was wearing my makeup for a truthful reason! If that even makes sense? Next time he comes home for the weekend, I will invest my time to explain the differences of makeup. This way, he will know his mother is A- OK!

One step at a time my friends. Love you and your family. Look at who you are within yourself before you judge others.

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